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Arts Emergency Planning Model

This model, adapted from William Byrnes' Open Systems Model in Management and the Arts, was created as a guide for arts managers to aid in the development and maintenance of effective emergency plans for their organizations and facilities. 

It includes:

  • Six crucial external environments for arts organizations to use to assess potential risk

  • Four key stakeholder groups in developing and maintaining the plan

  • A process for development

  • Tangible outputs for staff, patrons, and volunteers 

To read more about the model, download the PDF below. To discuss this model for your organization, contact

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Collaborative Endowment Campaign Model

Created in conjunction with the Springfield Arts Collaborative in 2012 (Missouri), this endowment model is ideal for small to mid-size communities. It is a hybrid of the united fund and arts center fundraising models that maintains autonomy for 501(c)3 arts organizations while maximizing shared resources.

For more details, visit the Springfield Regional Arts Council or contact 

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